The Free Reformed Churches of Australia are a federation of 17 congregations located predominantly in Western Australia, with two in Tasmania and a home congregation in Cairns.

Our churches believe that the Holy Scripture or the Holy Bible is the Word of God. This Word has no equal because it is:

  • inspired by God the Holy Spirit who caused many different men to write it over a considerable period of time.
  • infallible in that it is a completely reliable and trustworthy book which should not and need not be doubted;
    inerrant, meaning that whatever is revealed in it is without error, contradiction or misrepresentation;
  • sufficient because it fully contains the will of God and reveals all that we need to believe in order to be saved.

This Word represents the final rule of faith and life in our churches. We receive it for regulation, foundation and confirmation of our faith. It serves as the basis for all authority in our churches.

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We are called “Free Reformed” based on our church history in the Reformed churches in the Netherlands from the last century.

As we are a “Reformed” Church, we follow and adhere to certain creeds and confessions. Historically, these creeds and confessions were set up to define what all true believers should know, confess and live by. Basically, it is a summarized version of what the Bible teaches.

Because we are convinced of the need for mutual support, and in order to maintain unity in our federation, all churches promise to submit to the decisions made in the broader assemblies which agree with the Word of God and the Church Order. This is called our “system of church government”.

There are several publications that are distributed and widely used or read within our bond of churches, including the Una Sancta and our Book of Praise.

The Free Reformed Churches of Australia are blessed to be able to run a broad range of extended ministries that support and equip our members, no matter their life circumstance, to serve and live vibrant God glorifying lives in the light of Christs love.

By Gods grace we have been able to set up and/or support varied missions both within Australia and abroad.

As a bond we recognise that we are only one small part of God’s global community. God in His grace ensures that we do not stand alone.

Our historical roots are in the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands (Liberated) as a result of post-World War II immigration, and our doctrinal roots are in the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation and the Bible.

Loving God. Loving Our Neighbour.