Synod Albany 2021 is planned, DV, to be convened on 14 June 2021, in the Free Reformed Church of Albany. Open Sessions will be live-streamed on the FRC Albany youtube channel.

Mailing List

This email mailing list (used for Synod 2015 and Synod 2018) will be used to email updates relating to Synod Albany 2021.

Visit the SynodUpdates mailing list page page to subscribe.

Note that your email address will only be used for the purposes of sending you Synod-related updates. Your email address will never be sold or used without your permission.

When synod starts, this will be updated.


There will be files here when synod starts

    Deputies Reports

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    These portions of appendix 7 from the report from "Deputies - Training for the Ministry" were inadvertently missed from the Deputies Report:

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    Still to come..